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We pride ourselves on superior service and reliability, and Grease Collection will provide you with a top of the line grease bin at no cost; whether it is an indoor rolling bin or an outdoor steel bin with a locking lid.

When we come to provide service, we will do so in a clean manner and provide a receipt for the amount of oil which was collected. Contact us, and we will set up an appointment to come and meet with you. Grease Collection is committed to helping the community and the environment.

We service 46 US States and 9 Canadian Provinces. Our reliable, professionally trained oil and grease specialists are on call to handle your used cooking oil pickups when, and where you need them. Oil recycling, grease services, hood cleaning, pest control, and hydro jetting are available at your convenience.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are always available for any questions regarding our eco-friendly practices and recycling services. Our national staff is on call and ready to assist you with whatever needs you may have. We will come to you! Just like our servicing, we answer any questions and remedy all problems quickly, safely, and effectively.

Oil Collection and Recycling

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How to sign up:

1. Contact us 855-519-5550 and we will set an appointment to come meet with you! Or you can simply click here.

2. Grease Collection will provide one of our top of the line grease bins completely free.

3. When we come to service the oil bins we will provide a clean service and a receipt for the amount of used cooking oil taken.

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