15 Dec 2021 Used Cooking Oil

There are tens of benefits of recycling old cooking oil. Some of them are economic. Some are for the environment and some are for the cleanliness of your business. Here, we outline the top advantages that you stand to enjoy when you recycle your used cooking oil.

1. Keeps your business clean

Imagine all that you have to do is keep the oil in the supplied containers and cover them up. Used cooking oil stinks with time, so you should cover it fully.

Once the containers are full, you just call the collection center and they will come collect the used oil. Depending on the arrangement, they might leave you with empty containers to store old oil.

Keeping the oil for collection helps your restaurant business stay clean all the time. Just sensitize your kitchen workers on the need to collect all the used oil and keep it in the relevant places.

2. It prevents clogging in your sink

If you make the mistake of pouring used cooking oil down the sink, sooner than later, you will need the services of a plumber.

When the oil is hot, it will flow. However, when it comes into contact with the cold water in the sink pipes, it solidifies. And it clogs up your kitchen pipes.

Now, many things can happen when you have clogged pipes in your restaurant’s kitchen. First, the public health authorities could fine you. This will cost you money on top of what you will spend to unclog and repair the pipes.

Secondly, when you have clogged kitchen pipes, you have to stop restaurant operations for some time for the plumbers to work. This means losing money and customers too since no one has the time to wait around for the repairs to be complete.

3. You prevent damage to the main sewer lines

When you arrange for the collection of your used cooking oil for recycling, you prevent damage to your sink pipes. You also prevent damage to the local sewer lines.

Imagine what would happen if every restaurant business directed their used cooking oil to the municipal sewer lines. That would be a disaster.

When sewer lines clog up, the deluge finds its way onto the streets. This is a serious hazard to public health.

4. It is good for job creation

The old cooking oil recycling service is an industry on its own. Thus, it employs so many people. From drivers to chemistry experts, there are so many jobs that your gallons of used cooking oil support.

Apart from the people that you employ in your restaurant business, you will be helping to create more job opportunities when you recycle old cooking oil.

5. Keeps your restaurant compliant with the municipal by laws

It is illegal to dump old cooking oil. Thus, when you use a recycling center, you stay compliant with the municipal by laws.

This helps you to maintain a good reputation with the authorities and with your customers. Before you start running your restaurant business, find out the laws that you have to comply with.

6. Save the landfill and water sources

If used cooking oil is not collected for recycling, it will most likely end up in the landfills. There, it will seep into the soil and it will eventually find its way into the water sources.

This oil is not supposed to find its way into the soil because it can affect its fertility. However, when it solidifies and finds its way to the landfills among other trash, it will eventually get into the soil.

7. Reduce your cleaning costs

Imagine running a restaurant business that generates hundreds of gallons of used cooking oil daily. It would take a tremendous effort to collect, manage and dump the oil yourself. Also, the cleaning costs at your business will be tremendous.

8. Reduce health risks at work

Used cooking oil attracts dust and forms nasty grime and grease. In return, grease forms a very good breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can spread diseases among your workers and even contaminate the food.
This is why old cooking oil must be kept in lockable containers all the time.

9. Contributes to clean energy

When the Used cooking oil collection takes the old oil, they mostly recycle it to create biodiesel, which has so many uses in the market.

First, some vehicles and farm machinery run on biodiesel. Secondly, with renewable oil, this contributes to less reliance on fossil fuels.

It ends up doing a lot of good for the environment since there will be less fossil oil processed, less transported to different places and so on.

10. Your business gains a good reputation

When you use recycled cooking oil, your business enjoys a good reputation and you can capitalize on this to gain more customers. This is the age of the internet and so nothing escapes the attention of the public.

If you handle your used cooking oil poorly, people will know and they will shun your business. If you contract a used oil recycling company to manage your old cooking oil, people will know and they will want to support your business.

Final Thoughts

There are more benefits of recycling used cooking oil. However, these 10 clearly show you that recycling is the way to go.

Always let your kitchen staff know that they should never dump old cooking oil in the sink. Since the recycling company pays for the old oil, you will be happy to make some money on the sidelines, on something that you would have wasted.

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