15 Feb 2022 Used Cooking Oil

Engaging a good cooking oil recycling company to collect your used cooking oil from your food business has many benefits.

Some of these are health, economical and even environmental benefits. Here, we shall look at them in deeper detail. Just remember that it is best not to handle the cooking oil yourself.

If your business is generating gallons of FOG – fats, oils and grease, you need to hire the services of a company that recycles cooking oil. Handling such copious amounts on your own can be messy, with many spills, which can breed bacteria.

Environmental benefits of recycling cooking oil

When you let all that cooking oil find its way to the landfill, it might leak down to the water table and find its way into the water supply.

When you recycle used cooking oil, you are going to save the environment because there will be less stuff going into the landfills.

Another environmental benefit of recycling used cooking oil is that the resultant products include cleaner biofuel that can be used in vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors and other things. Such oil has lesser emissions, which is good for the environment.

The third benefit is that you won’t need to use too many trash bags or plastic containers to handle the used cooking oil. Plastic is not biodegradable and it can stay a long time in the soil.

We might also mention that when less or no used cooking oil is dumped in the sinks and drains, there is less clogging. Proper handling of the oil enhances the lifespan of the sewerage systems since there is no clogging.

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Economic benefits of recycling used cooking oil

Hand-in-hand with the environmental benefits, there are many economical benefits of recycling used cooking oil.

The first one is the creation of employment. Today, thousands of people are employed in the recycling industry.

Some of them work as scientists; others are drivers, cleaners and many others. This is a huge industry so when you let the recycling companies handle the used cooking oil, you support job creation in a big way.

Biodiesel can also be used in regular vehicles since it does not affect the performance of a vehicle. With more biofuels being launched in the market, there is less dependency on fossil fuels. There is also less emissions since less work goes into extracting them.

Health benefits of recycling used cooking oil

There are tons of health benefits of recycling used cooking oil. One of them is that there will be no clogging in sewerage systems. The sewage won’t back up and find its way on the streets and neighborhoods. With no spills, there are less health hazards.

If you run a restaurant, it is very important to handle the used cooking oil very carefully. If there are old grease spills in your business, it poses health risks for your staff and customers. It also causes a nasty stink. This can create a poor reputation for your business.

Old grease is a good habitat for bacteria, which can find their way into the food. The last thing you want is your restaurant to be the source of transmission for food and waterborne illnesses.

There are more benefits of recycling used cooking oil. However, remember that you can only enjoy these benefits when you hire a used cooking oil service to collect the FOG from your business.