09 Nov 2022 Used Cooking Oil

Today, many companies provide used cooking oil recycling for commercial businesses.

If you generate a lot of used cooking oil, it should not go to the landfill. You can arrange with a company that recycles such to come collect it and pay you for the same.

In the true meaning of waste-not-want-not, you can help to keep the earth safer for the future generations, by contributing to the biodiesel industry.

Most of the used cooking oil is cleaned and processed for use in diesel-operated machinery. Today, the more options the world has to fossil fuel the better.

Why use a recycling company for your used cooking oil?

Imagine the huge amounts a big restaurant would generate daily. Now, imagine having to handle the disposal of huge amounts of oil. That would require a department.

Thanks to the growth in the used cooking oil business, now, you can have someone handle the dirty work on your behalf.

Here are a few important reasons to let a used cooking oil recycling company hand your used cooking oil:

1. The company collects the used cooking oil

Handling thousands of gallons of used cooking oil that your business generates every week can be quite taxing.

But you don’t need to bother about this if you contract a recycling company to handle the oil for you. This means you do not have to employ extra staff members to handle the oil.

The company that you contract to handle the used cooking oil is going to find out how much oil your business generates.

They are going to create a proper schedule so that there aren’t large amounts of used oil lying around in your business premises.

By the way, the company is not going to charge you for collecting the oil. Everything is calculated into the final price they will pay you per gallon.

The process is very well streamlined actually, as you will see in the point number 2 below.

2. The collecting company provides the storage containers

This is another good thing about letting a used oil recycler handle your used cooking oil. You do not have to bother about the storage containers.

The company collecting the oil is going to bring the containers to your business place free of charge. When they come to collect the full containers, they will bring empty ones in exchange.

This makes it so easy for your employees to handle the old cooking oil and the grease from fryers. With the right collection containers, the used grease becomes many times easier to handle.

3. You can keep your business premises clean

In a commercial food business, you cannot have used cooking oil lying around in open containers. It attracts a lot of dirt and it makes a good habitat for bacteria and germs.

Old oil has food particles in it. It is going to attract rodents. If the rodents thrive in your business premises, they will attract other animals such as snakes, which feed on them. It would be a disaster to leave old cooking oil lying around.

Old cooking oil starts to smell as the bacteria cause it to turn stale and ferment. Odors can be hard to hide and they can be a big turn off for your customers.

4. Managing used cooking oil correctly makes you compliant

If you do not dispose of your old cooking oil correctly, the local authorities could charge you. The oil disposed of in the sink will find its way into the municipal sewers and when it solidifies, it is going to cause clogging.

The municipal sewer lines can start backing up and overflow onto the street. If this happens, the problem will be traced to your business. You can pay heavy penalties and your business might face closure.

Because of public health, food businesses are very sensitive. You have to show a clear policy for handling old foods, and used oil in your business.

5. Proper disposal of old grease saves you from plumbing costs

It is vital to let the kitchen staff know they should not pour hot cooking oil into the sinks. Still, some oil will definitely find its way into the plumbing system.

That is why you need to install a grease interceptor. It traps the grease mixed with the water that comes through the sink. The grease is then vacuumed out when full.

If your kitchen team pours too much oil into the sink, it will solidify once it gets into contact with the cold surfaces. It is going to clog your plumbing, which will cost a lot of money to fix.

Instead of going through such hassles, enlist the services of a company specializing in used cooking oil collection.
With proper collection and disposal of old cooking oil, your business saves a lot in terms of costs. Let the professionals help you keep your premises clean.

Final thoughts

Commercial businesses churn out huge amounts of old cooking oil. Homeowners can throw out the old cooking oil with the regular trash. Commercial food businesses need to have a clear policy on how they handle grease.

Thankfully, the recycling business keeps growing every year, with more people adopting alternative fuels for their vehicles and machinery.

You can get someone to handle the used cooking oil for you using their collecting and transport equipment. They will also pay you for it.