02 Aug 2021 Grease Trap

For those who have ever worked in a restaurant, you are most likely acquainted with the grease trap. Grease traps are required at restaurants to guarantee that the oil, fat, and grease from cooked food is appropriately disposed of after being prepared. Although having a grease trap in a restaurant is essential, it is also critical to get it cleaned regularly for various reasons.

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Waste-Related Damages

Sulfuric acid is generated in grease traps if food waste is left in them for an extended period. If this chemical is not removed from the tank regularly, it may cause harm to the tank itself.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Grease traps must be cleaned out regularly since they are clogged with food scraps. A lengthy period may be required before the decaying stench may be detected within the restaurant. This stench will undoubtedly offend the majority of restaurant customers.

With time, it becomes more difficult to clean.

The longer you wait to clear out a grease trap, the more difficult it may get to clean it. It is true for most things in life. This is especially true for food waste, which may solidify and cling to the tank’s walls, making cleaning the tank over a lengthy period challenging to do.