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Grease Collection Services

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Cooking Oil Recycling | Grease Collection

Grease Collection, an affiliate of Grand Natural Inc., are professionally licensed for oil recycling and grease collection. We provide FREE pick-ups AND collection bins. Whether you require pickups as needed or want a consistent schedule, we can accommodate your needs. Some of our servicing includes restaurants, catering services, golf courses, food producers, and more. If you use oil to cook, we will pick it up.

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Grease Trap Cleaning | Grease Interceptor Cleaning

We safely remove and dispose of trap grease in all service areas. A Grease trap filters grease and stops it before entering sewage. In an effort to remain eco-friendly and keep sewage lines grease free, traps need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Additionally, we clean and service grease interceptors. Failure to properly maintain interceptors is not only illegal, but often leads to timely and costly damages. Debris buildup and foreign objects left for extended periods of time can cause kitchen drain failure, grease interceptor overflow, or both.

Due to environmental regulations most municipalities require biannual servicing. Grease Collection prides itself on keeping traps, interceptors, and your business doors open!

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Hydro - Jetting

Hydro Jetting uses high power water cleaning to restore pipelines. It blasts debris, effectively removing buildup and fixing slow pipes. Our specific tools and processes allow proper diagnosis and custom treatment tailored to your pipes needs. Variable pressure adjustment is crucial for a safe cleaning, but is often overlooked. Our custom jetting psi ranges from 7,000 to 60,000, allowing us to service even the toughest jobs. Call today for a free assessment. Service areas may vary.

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