04 Feb 2022 Grease Trap

If you run a restaurant or any other type of food business, the law requires you to install a grease trap. That way, it can capture all the grease so that none gets to the municipal sewer lines to clog things up. However, cleaning the grease interceptor requires you to hire a grease trap pumping service.

This is an additional cost for your business. Thus, you want to know how much it is going to cost you so that you can budget for it.

Depending on how much cooking oil you use in your business, you should clean it once every one to three months.

This should keep things flowing very well without clogging your plumbing system. If you let your interceptor stay too long without pumping, it will start creating a serious stink. It is also a health hazard because it can start flowing into the street.

Grease Trap Cleaning Cost starts at $75

The price for cleaning a grease interceptor differs from one place to another. It also depends on the size of the trap.

Some of the traps that capture FOG (fats, oils and grease) are installed inside, especially for small establishments. However, bigger ones are installed outside the premises, somewhere near the kitchen.

The cost for cleaning the grease trap of a small establishment is $75 to $150. If the grease trap is installed inside, it is a small one. Thus, you might need to have it cleaned once every month. Remember, this is the cost for every cleaning session.

If you have a bigger grease trap for a busy food business that is located outside the building, you should have it cleaned at least four times a year. You can also check what the city ordinances say about the frequency of cleaning.

The cost for cleaning the grease trap for a large restaurant can start at $300. Again, this is the cost for every grease trap pumping session. It is best to discuss the cost with the service provider and agree on the price.

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Do a price comparison in the market

There are so many service providers to pump your grease trap. However, some of them are rogue, but they masquerade as the real deal.

When doing the price comparison, find out the standard prices in the market. That way, if you find a company charging too little, you should do a lot of due diligence to ensure that they do a good job.

Beware of companies that try to solicit for your business by offering hefty discounts. No one is in business to lose money or to offer free services.

You can also ask to see clients they have worked with in the past. If you see some business you know in your area, you can trust the service provider more.

Ask for a discount

If you stick with one grease trap pumping service, they can give you certain discounts. Always ask for a discount because many people miss such discounts for not asking.

The cost of disposing grease from grease interceptors keeps rising. Thus, do not be too hard on them. It is best to pay them their set prices.

The grease trap cleaning service is good value for money, although in an indirect way. It is going to make your restaurant more compliant, clean and more sellable to your customers.